Testimonial by Tasneem Mithi, Mumbai
Patient, Testimonial by Tasneem Mithi, Mumbai
I am Tasneem Mithi would like to share my experience with Dr.Khushnam which has been just amazing.... She's an amazing doctor and a perfect listener..... I had piles and eczema kind of rash on my palms from years for which over many years I did allopathy and even tried homeopathy elsewhere..... But Dr.Khushnam sorted everything for me it took over 6months but the patience definitely works and she has a lot of positive energy that automatically makes you feel good when she treats you..... Since a year I have been on mental health issue medicines with her and it's really helped me because you can talk about anything and everything to her..... If you think homeopathy doesn't work then you have to consult Dr.Khushnam and you will be proved wrong.....thank you so much Khushnam for everything.... And not to forget she will answer all your silly questions tooo very patiently Al the best Doc....
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