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Dengue: The New Fever On The Rise


  Dengue is one of the most common infective diseases seen in tropical regions of the world. People living in the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Caribbean Islands, Pacific Islands, Mexico, Africa, etc. are commonly affected by this illness.

  Dengue is a viral illness that is spread by the bite of the Aedes mosquito, and its symptoms can range from non-specific viral fever to severe life threatening symptoms.

  Here are some common symptoms of Dengue Fever that you must look out for if you live or you have visited a region that is prone to periodic outbreaks of Dengue:

  Symptoms of mild Dengue fever can be non-specific and can be confused with flu-like symptoms, i.e. headache, body ache, fever, weakness, etc. It is always better to get yourself tested if the fever lasts for more than 3 days.

  Symptoms can take about 4-6 days to develop post the mosquito bite and can last up to ten days.

  The Classical presentation of Dengue fever includes symptoms like:

- High grade fever

- Severe body ache and bone pains (Dengue Fever is also called as break bone fever because of the infamous pains)

- Severe headache

- Pain behind the eyes

- Weakness

- Skin rash which usually appears between day 2 and day 5 of the fever

- Nausea and occasional vomiting

  The severe form of Dengue is called Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, in which spontaneous bleeding starts in the body, from the skin, nose, stools, urine, and in extreme cases, internal organs.

  If there is continuous, relentless vomiting, or fainting episodes, or even a single episode of bleeding, contact your health care provider or visit the nearest health care centre or hospital without delay. The sooner care is taken, the lesser are the chances of fatality.

  Be alert if you or someone close to you develops one or more of the symptoms mentioned, especially if there is a history of mosquito bite.

  Dengue can be managed well when diagnosed well in time.

  Do remember that drugs like Aspirin and Ibuprofen are not permitted to be taken because they can cause fatal bleeding. Always get in touch with a qualified medical doctor to see yourself or your loved one through the proper treatment and care for Dengue.

Dengue Can Be Prevented


 Dengue is an extremely debilitating disease, that can go into dangerous complications, if not managed in time. The good news is that all of this can easily be prevented by personal and environmental protective measures.

Mode of Infection & Spread

• Dengue spreads by the bite of a mosquito Aedes Agypti which commonly breeds in open spaces as well as in closed spaces. Their favorite breeding sites are containers that hold stagnant water that is clean, and unlike other mosquito species, they do not breed in creeks, pools and marshy areas.

• Aedes Mosquito can rarely fly beyond 200 meters of its breeding site. So, outbreaks only occur in areas that are close to the breeding sites.

Environmental Measures To Prevent Spread Of Dengue:

- Completely eliminate spaces that are capable of holding stagnant water, like empty containers, flower vases, coolers, etc. Essential spaces like wells, water tanks, containers that hold drinking water, etc. should be kept covered all the time.

- Install mosquito screens on windows and doors and in all potential entry points for mosquitoes.

- Use mosquito repellent sprays and electric diffusers indoors if required.

Personal Protective Measures:

- Wear full-sleeved t-shirts and long pants while stepping out of the house, especially during evening time

- Apply mosquito repellent creams on exposed body parts before going out.

Homeopathy for Dengue


 Dengue is a viral disease that spreads through the bite of the Aedes mosquito. The symptoms of Dengue include very high fever, horrible body ache and headache, abdominal pain, vomiting, and a relentless, prolonged sense of weakness

 Unfortunately, there is no specific drug in conventional mode of treatment that can successfully treat Dengue. The only treatment is a general, supportive approach to ensure maximum rest and high fluid intake, along with paracetamol for the fever. Other anti-pyretics are not advised since they burden the liver, and the liver is anyway badly affected in Dengue.

 The good news is that Homeopathy has more than 200 medicines in its arsenal that can help bring down the fever, control the different pains, ease the abdominal symptoms and help the person bounce back from the weakness within a shorter duration of time

 What sets these homeopathic medicines apart from others is that they are completely safe, especially gentle on the liver, can be taken without hesitation of side effects, are the best alternative for children and adults alike.

 It is also important to bear in mind that every patient suffering from Dengue will show a different combination of symptoms in different degrees, based on their basic immunity and constitution. In Homeopathy, the medicines are selected according to the need of the case.

Here are some commonly used medicines that are used for treating Dengue:

• Eupatorium Perfoliatum : This remedy is useful in cases where the patient suffers from extreme bone pains along with fever, throbbing pain in the head, along with soreness of eyeballs and vomiting of bitter, bilious nature. The patient usually recalls an unusual increase in thirst before the onset of fever.

• Rhus Toxicodendron: When the patient is extremely restless physically, with no position offering any relief from the pain, and when there are accompanying loose stools and itchy eruptions during fever, this medicine can be of great use.

• Gelsemium: This remedy works well in cases of Dengue where the patient manifests 3 D’s- Dullness, Dizziness and Drowsiness. There is a terrible headache which is only relieved by passing urine, and the patient is especially anxious and mentally restless.

Low Platelet Count in Dengue: Locally Available Foods That Work Well


Dengue Fever can lead to decreased platelet count, which is responsible for easy external and internal bleeding and its associated complications

You must have heard about the use of the juice extracted from papaya leaves, and eating kiwi fruit as a home remedy to increase platelet count.

Today, we bring to you some commonly available foods that are equally good for increasing Platelet count in your body.

- Greens: Green vegetables like broccoli, kale, asparagus, okra, cabbage, celery, spinach, basil, etc. are high in Vitamin K that is essential for platelet production.

- Beans: Beans, especially kidney beans are high in Vitamin B6 and folate which is again essential for Platelet production and helps in blood clotting.

- Dairy : Surprising isn’t it? But dairy products are high in calcium, which is essential for blood clotting, and also high on Vitamin K that helps in platelet production.

- Pomegranate: Besides being a delicious fruit, pomegranates are of great help in boosting platelet production.

- Garlic: Contains certain chemicals that are required during the process of platelet production. Swallow a small sized garlic clove like a tablet with the help of water each day, till your platelets touch within the normal range.

- Raisins: They are rich in iron and help in stabilizing platelets as well as help to improve red cell count and hemoglobin level, that are usually affected in Dengue Fever.

What Our Patients Say About Us

“Homeopathy helped me bounce back faster from Dengue.”

“I was suffering from fever since 4 days. Along with that, there was this terrible headache and backache that wouldn’t go away even with medicines. On the 4th day, my blood reports were positive for Dengue, and my platelets had reduced as well.

I was already taking treatment from Welcome Cure for Psoriasis. I just called up the doctors and informed them of my condition. They prescribed medicines, and my fever began to reduce within 4 hours. By the next day, my headache was much better. I was afraid mainly about the weakness of Dengue that stays for more than a month. But, with the homeopathic medicines, I overcame the weakness sooner and could bounce back to work within 15 days. A big thank you to the constant support of the doctors at Welcome Cure and the homeopathic treatment.”


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