A. K. Jha
My anxiety and tinnitus were unbearable until I switched to Homeopathy
A. K. Jha,
Dear Dr. Shah,
It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I am writing this letter to you. Kindly recall that I had come to your clinic with longstanding (4 years) symptoms of anxiety (especially in the evenings), a general feeling of unexplained unwellness as well as tinnitus. I used to take allopathic medicines for anxiety occasionally.

You had promised to restore my previous healthy state, and I am happy to state that you fulfilled your promise completely. I am feeling much more confident about myself and my overall health has improved.

May God give you all the success in your life in treating your patients, especially those like me who tend to start believing that their health is on the descending path and things will not improve in the entire lifetime.
With best regards,