Testimonial by Dorothy Pereira
Patients, Testimonial by Dorothy Pereira
I first came to know Dr khushnoom when my friend jayanti told me about her and I had gone there with a friend of mine staying in gujarat who had an accident and got burnt on right hand and leg, after discharge the burns turned to keloids. After few months I brought him to bombay hospital in the year 2008. When I visited the doctor there they said if he goes for plastic surgery it will be worse but we can try for homeopathy, that was the time I visited Dr khushnoom with my friend and she is treating him till now. The process is slow but very, very effective. It has not gone completely but has improved 80%. Second testimony - When I lost my husband on 9th October 2007 my son who was 5.5 yrs did not cry and was getting sick every 9th of the month till February 9th 2008 he went unconscious in the morning at 7.30am and came into conscious at 8.30pm . That time we were in gujarat and he was hospitalised there. After coming back to bombay went to jaslok hospital to find the reason for this illness which they said it was epileptic attack. Somehow I could not trust the doctors there. I took him to Dr khushnoom and after taking the first dose he cried out and all the pain which he had kept inside after his father died came out and he was fine thereafter. With all the allopathy medicines from my son's birth his eyes were squint but now after taking homeopathy medicines that too has been cured. I too had problems like vertigo, spondilitis and depression after I lost my husband but was cured with dr khushnoom's medicines. My son recently got white patches on his back . I still have those photographs which I have posted before and after medicines from dr. khushnoom. Myself and my son avoid taking allopathy medicines and contact dr khushnoom for any health issues we face as we trust her and her medicines are really very effective. I have sent my nephews to her who are also taking medicines from her and found very effective.
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