Testimonial by Darius Gandhi
patient, Testimonial by Darius Gandhi
I have vivid memories of little white pills in small thin bottles often stacked together on my mother's bedside table. She had a cure for every ache and ailment popping these white sweet pills to the amazement of the rest of us in the family. I was my father's son. He believed in modern allopathy and had a list of prescribed drugs for his children if ever we suffered a bout of headache, indigestion, fever or cold. In 2014 on turning 52 i found myself facing the spectre of an emergency surgery for an over enlarged prostate. Post surgery i had pain in my kidneys and the scan showed that my kidneys were perforated with tiny stones. My urologist said that it will take me 6months to fully recover. I was advised by many to go in for homeopathy. Around that time i read an article by Dr Talati in the Jame-Jamshed and it piqued my interest in homoeopathy. I went through several back/old issues and realised that though she was young in the profession she was immensely qualified and had a rare insightful perspective of how to treat chronic ailments. On an impulse i called her up and sought a consultation. When i look back, i find that was one of the best decisions i made. She has been my only doctor since and i trust and respect her hugely. In about 10 weeks time the perforation had miraculously disappeared. My urologist, a veteran of a 35 years practice, quipped in delight that he had never seen something as amazing as this. My kidneys had healed completely. I then let him in on the secret. It was Dr Talati's miracle pills, I said. He nodded in agreement. Since then Dr Talati has treated me for minor aches and pains to having a big hand in addressing the chronic problem of migraine headaches. The frequency and severity of the headaches has come down dramatically. I know i am in safe hands and i continue to be under her care since i first consulted her six years back. I have immense praise and respect for Dr Talati's professional competence and I am sure others who have been seeking her guidance, advice and treatment will echo the same sentiments. I wish her the very best in her professional practice and pray that her practice grows with each passing year. Sincerely, Darius Ghandhi Kemps Corner
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