A heart-broken woman gets relief from Achalasia Cardia
A 37 year old woman who was unable to swallow liquids got immense relief in her condition with Homeopathy.
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This is a case of 37 year old woman who developed pain and difficulty in swallowing since 1 year. Her main complaints were that she could not eat properly despite getting hungry resulting in severe weight loss. She found it very painful and difficult to eat or drink. She could somehow manage to swallow solids; however, swallowing liquids provoked an intense pain and that was very peculiar about her condition. She also had chest pain and heart burn occasionally. After many diagnostic tests she was found to be suffering from Achalasia Cardia. This started after her husband left her estranged with a 5 year old daughter for another woman and this incident took a major health toll on her. She tried her best to cope with the situation by working harder and tried her best to not display her emotions in front of anyone else. On her professional front, she was very active, intelligent and ambitious. She became a strong and independent woman and took care of her daughter. On analysing her complete history, she was given Ignatia 200 a few times over a period of 6 months. Her symptoms improved remarkably and in about 3 months she could eat and drink well. After 3 months, she also had gained some weight.
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