A business tycoon who was unable to eat due to Achalasia Cardia finds relief with Homeopathy
Homeopathy and dietary restrictions brought amazing results in this case of Achalasia Cardia.
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A 45 year old successful businessman had been diagnosed with Achalasia Cardia about 1-2 years back. His main complaints were pain and difficulty in swallowing, burning in the chest and reflux of stomach contents back in oesophagus. He also experienced severe dry cough which was aggravated at night. He frequently preferred food from outside and would often take spicy meals. His thirst was remarkable as he would continuously suffer from burning in his throat and only sips of water could relieve it. His lifestyle was a sedentary one and he would often work late in his office. He was very ambitious and hard working and often skipped his meals to complete his work. On further inquiry, he said I have to as the competition is very tough and you have to work hard to survive. He said I can�t risk any financial losses or I will die in poverty. He was strictly advised to follow the given dietary protocols and to totally avoid spicy food. A dose of Bryonia allayed his anxiety about poverty and relived his Achalasia too. Homeopathy, along with diet and regimen, can bring about amazing results in any conditions including achalasia cardia.
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