Homeopathy treats Athlete's foot in this obese diabetic patient.
Tired and troubled of his chronic fungal infection, this 43 year old diabetic patient had received Homeopathic treatment from us. He was greatly relieved of his complaints with our small sweet pills
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A very obese male, age 43 years, had been suffering from Athlete's foot on and off since 2-3 years. He was getting dry cracks and fissures between his toes. His skin would itch violently and was scaling too. Some sticky fluid would also ooze out occasionally giving out a foul smell. Even the toe nails were deformed due to his chronic condition.

He is a known case of diabetes too. He was a very lazy person, and did not take any efforts to lose weight. He was timid as well as indecisive. Based on the totality of his symptoms, he was prescribed Graphites along with dietary and lifestyle modifications. He was strictly asked to cut back on sugar and lose weight. Within 15 days of the treatment, his fungal infection had totally disappeared and there were no cracks or scaly eruptions anymore.

He continued the treatment for almost 6 months, and today even after 3 years, he has not experienced a second episode of athlete's foot.

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