Homeopathy treats Athlete's foot and also boosts the confidence in this young graduate
Suffering from foot sweat and athlete's foot since a very long time, this nervous, anxious young man's mind and body benefitted greatly with Homeopathy
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A thin, tall boy, age 25 years had been diagnosed with Athlete's foot 3 months back. He was apparently alright earlier except for the fact that he experienced severe foot sweat since childhood. His chief complaints were dry, flaky eruptions between the toes. He also had reddish skin with scaling and would peel off easily. There was severe irritation and burning on the toes.

This developed after he completed his MBA course and started searching for jobs and because of his fearful and anxious nature he would fail the interviews. He said that he would know what to answer, but due to nervousness, he just couldn't. He would sweat profusely on the whole body and his hands would get clammy too. This made him even more embarrassed.

He had been a studious boy, but lacked confidence. He was prescribed Silicea 200. He reported a week later and said that itching had reduced but the eruptions were still there. He was asked to continue meds for another week. This time his eruptions had reduced too. He said his confidence had also increased and now he was less nervous. He passed an interview and got a job too. After about a month, his Athlete's foot had totally recovered.

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