A case of BEP in this male, on his brink of senility, treated completely with Homeopathy
This is a wonderful case of BEP in a 65 year old male which was solved with Homeopathy.
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His son had given all the history as the patient was too weak physically and mentally to come to the clinic by himself. His main complaints as narrated by his son were frequent urge to urination with difficulty to pass urine. He had to strain to pass urine and only dribbling would occur. He also experienced pain while passing urine. All his complaints started 2 years back and he was on certain medications without relief. It was known in history that his wife had passed away 2 years back. He was very much shocked and had started feeling very lonely depressed. He had become very rigid in certain ways and his memory too had started declining. He had become very reserved and would not go out meet others although he felt lonely. He had been prescribed Conium and was called for follow-up 3 weeks later. This time the patient had come himself for the follow up as he wanted to thank personally for such amazing and rapid relief from his troublesome symptoms. He was feeling very much relaxed mentally.