Homeopathy helps prevent surgery for BEP.
A 62 year old patient had been suffering from BEP since 10 years and was on conventional medicines on and off since then with some partial relief more or less. Homeopathy relieved his complaints.
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His prostate had been increasing in size since the past few years and the symptoms were aggravating in intensity. His main complaints were increased frequency of urination especially at nights with disturbed sleep. He had 3-4 episodes of acute Prostatitis in the last 2-3 years, with main symptoms being burning in urination, pain, fever. He was advised surgery but did not want to get it done because of his age which made him opt for homeopathic treatment. He was given Sabal Serrulata. There was remarkable improvement in 1 month of starting homeopathic treatment. It has been a year and he has not suffered from an acute infection and he continues to show improvement.
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