Homeopathy helps heal those childhood blues of asthma in children
A girl child would recurrently come down with respiratory complaints ending in breathlessness for the last 2 and half yrs, more so in the last 6 months. On consulting a homeopath she was delighted as her childhood blues of asthma got healed.
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Miss T.K. an 8 year old girl visited a homeopath for her complaints of recurrent respiratory complaints for the past 2 and half yrs. which had increased over the past 1 year and for the past six months her escalated complaints were relieved by nebulizer. With every change in the weather-

  • She would develop cold, which is mostly dry with significant nose block.
  • This cold would progress to throat irritation followed by a dry cough ending in vomiting of whitish mucus.
  • If cough gets worse then, it would lead to breathlessness, which was worse on lying down and at night after 9 or 10 pm, and better by sitting erect or diverting her attention.
  • At present she needed inhalers every 8 hours.

She was hospitalized for this complaint when she was 2 and half years old and also 2 weeks back.

Her other complaint was bed-wetting every night when she was in deep sleep; and would not wake up even after wetting the bed.

On examination it was observed that her nasal turbinates were swollen and on auscultation, rhonchi was heard over her chest.

She has normal appetite with craving for curds, cold drinks, fruits and milk. She has a poor thirst. She is constipated and passes stools once in 2 days; and at times strains to pass stools and if she stops straining, the stool recedes back into the rectum. Her palms and soles sweat profusely.

She was quiet talkative, but ever since the birth of her younger sister 3 and half years ago, has become relatively quiet. In spite of this she loves her younger sister, Cares for her and is protective of her. She preferred staying alone, and mostly stayed at home rather than going out with her parents for shopping, etc. She is quite shy and would not like to meet guests at home or socialize outside with friends. She is timid in nature. She is scared if she sees someone fighting. She is excessively stubborn and sensitive girl; pacified on consolation.

She has history of chicken pox and breath holding spasms in the past.

In the family, father has complaints of frequent colds, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Considering her physical complaints along with due consideration of her mental and general features, she was prescribed Silicea. And to bring back the smile on her face, Homoeopathy ended her childhood blues of asthma along with bed wetting and constipation.

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