A daily suffering of a sensitive old lady with asthma comes to an end with homeopathy
An old lady having bronchial asthma for 33 long years, had to face daily woes of been breathless. She came down with acute upper respiratory tract affection recently. She not only recovered from her recent complaints with homeopathy but also her daily woes of breathlessness have ended.
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63years old Mrs. U.B., a known case of bronchial asthma for the last 33 years came down for Homeopathic treatment. Since the evolution of her complaints, there was a gradual decline in the intensity and frequency of her complaints over the years; but the use of bronchodilator daily was inevitable, or else she would get pain in the chest. The nuisance of breathlessness was an everyday affair; more so when she would have colds, sweating profusely in summer, hot water bath, exertion and from a heavy meal. And it was better from stooping for long and sitting up.

Her present troubles of upper respiratory tract past 3-4 months, worsened since 10 days now, is a matter of concern. She complains of-

  • Of loud and violent sneezing with a lot of itching and tickling in the nose.
  • Profuse lachrymation and a runny nose with discharge usually from the left side.
  • Sore throat with a feeling of a lump in it and constantly desire to swallow it down.
  • Difficulty in swallowing with pain on the left side of throat with sensation of food being stuck there.
  • Complaints get worse on waking up in morning till about 9.30 am, waking in the afternoon form her siesta, from dust/smoke, cold drinks and empty swallowing and better by hot drinks

She has an excessive desire for sweets, hot food and drinks; while she disliked sour food, as it affects her throat. She drinks 3-4 glasses of water per day. Her tongue was clean with a small central fissure. She sweats moderately. She passes stools twice a day with frequent complaint of itching and crawling at the anus.

She always felt dominated as a child and even after marriage. Eventually she suppressed her emotions and of late she keeps on pondering upon past events. She is alone at home for most of the day, and feels very lonely. She watches T.V. and listens to people on the different shows to combat he solitude.

She thinks that sensation of lump in her throat is actually a cancer, feels miserable about it.

She also has frequent attacks of unconsciousness since she witnessed a major car accident; diagnosed as depression with hysterical features by psychiatrist.

Her past illness were appendicectomy, eosinophilia at 21yrs of age, Migraine, Hysterectomy, retinal detachment for 3 times, Lump in the neck- removed 8 years ago and Cataract in both the eyes.

In her family her brother and maternal grandfather have asthma; mother has ischemic heart disease and father died of tuberculosis.

On proper examination of the factual data of the case she was given Sabadilla . Considering her past and family history, 2 doses of Tuberculinum bovinum were given as an intercurrent.

Till date there has been no reoccurrences of her complaints; and finally homoeopathy helps an old lady to get rid of her daily woes of breathlessness.

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