Homeopathy helps this 'busy bee' get back in action after prolonged suffering of cellulitis
After the insect bite, this lady had started developing cellulitis which was painful and unbearable. She chose homeopathy with us and was profoundly satisfied with the treatment.
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This is a case of 42 year old lady who was diagnosed with cellulitis of her left lower limb. She started experiencing the symptoms following an insect bite in a garden when she was doing her gardening chores. This happened 20 days ago. It started with small punctured wound at the site of the insect bite which started swelling in few days.

The leg had become red, swollen and shiny. Even small blisters started appearing on the skin. She had severe pain in the limb and could not move about. She was very frustrated of her problem as she was not used to sitting idle for long times. Her routine and daily functioning were severely affected.

Apis Mellifica was selected on the basis of her totality of symptoms. Within a week, the swelling of the leg had significantly reduced and the pain was much better. After 3 more of weeks of homeopathic medicines, the infection had greatly subsided and the leg was returning back to normal. After 45 days, she followed up with an absolutely normal leg and the cellulitis had healed well.

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