Holistic homeopathy at Welcome Cure clears off cellulitis in this 38 year old!
Tired of taking antibiotics since over a month, this patient resorted to homeopathic treatment for cellulitis. Homeopathy helped him recover quickly and naturally.
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A 38 year old male was affected with cellulitis in his right leg since 2 months. It started with an abscess which drained yellowish pus and it got healed slowly. This was followed by 3-4 more abscesses all of which were painful, red and filled with pus.

He was under several courses of antibiotics for more than a month but none of them had a positive effect on the infection. Eventually the whole leg was affected which was enlarged and swollen with pitting oedema. The abscesses oozed out thick yellowish pus. He also had fever on and off.

These symptoms were very much peculiar to the homeopathic remedy Belladonna. The signs of improvement had begun within 1 week of starting the medicines and the patient was very happy by the rapid recovery.

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