Case of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia responded to homeopathic medicines thereby increasing lifespan of patient.
A case of end stage chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) with low platelet count showed marvelous improvement with homeopathic treatment. It also increased his life span.
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27 year old man, came, with complaint of thrombocytopenia which he was suffering since a year. His platelet count was 14000. He also had complaint of frequent mouth ulcer since a year. There was swelling on face especially around eyes which increased on lying down.

He was apparently healthy before, when he started getting recurrent fever, which responded to medicine first; but not later. After thorough investigations he was diagnosed as a case of CML and was put on anti-cancerous treatment which gave him occasional relief. Cancer specialist said he had another 2 months only to live. His platelet count decreased rapidly.

During fever he had intolerable pains in the legs, which caused sleeplessness. This pain increased on walking and got relieved by massage. He desired to lie down due to weakness. During sleep he had lots of sweat. He took nothing except tea & biscuit. His had less thirst during heat stage of fever but more during sweating stage when he did not have fever. He was usually constipated but got diarrhea with cheese or spicy food. He lost 10 kilograms weight during last 9 months. He gets affected by cold easily.

He did not talk with anybody and got irritable when disturbed. He missed his dead parents.

On the basis of all symptoms he was prescribed China . On next follow ups his platelet count increased. He got no fever in those days. Appetite increased. Mouth ulcer disappeared completely. Swelling of the face decreased. Sleep was good as there was no pain in the body. His energy level also increased. His case reverted from an accelerated phase to chronic phase. He was kept under observation for long time and he lived one more year.

Homeopathy increased life span of patient.

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