Renal failure secondary to Diabetes, improved to a great extent with Homoeopathy.
Oedema of entire body since 1 month with decreased arterial supply in Left lower limb was rapidly and effectively relieved with Homeopathy. Patient was greatly relieved with Homeopathic treatment.
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Patient was diagnosed a case of Diabetes at the age of 40 and she was under Allopathic and Homeopathic treatment without any diet control. Four years back, patient had history of sudden abnormal pain, fever, nausea and vomiting. So she was then admitted in a super speciality hospital. She was diagnosed as a case of Renal failure with Choleilithiasis and was then catheterised and stented.

Later she also developed gangrene of 4th big toe and was under allopathic medicine.

One year later, she again developed ataxic hemi paresis and hyper glycaemia (High sugar) induced seizures.

Then, she had upper GI bleeding with coffee ground vomitus and was diagnosed as a case of gastric polyp and ulcer in the pyloric region.

Case was studied in detail and Homeopathic medicine Arsenic album was prescribed.

Patient showed improvement to a great extend with decrease in serum creatinine level.

Thus, a patient with multiple systemic complications and long standing diabetes improved to a great extent with the effective treatment under Homeopathy.

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