A man gets back on his feet after complete resolution of deep vein thrombosis with homeopathic medicines.
A man in his mid thirties, a chronic smoker and tobacco chewer, having complaints of pain and redness of left calf region, was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis of left leg. Anticoagulants prescribed to him did not pacify the state, and he could barely stand on feet with the atrocious pain. Homoeopathy helped him to get back on his feet, by relieving that pain.
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A 34 years old male patient underwent an angioplasty in July 1997 to treat deep vein thrombosis of his left leg. It was then an eminent homeopath enquired about his sate and the chronology of his condition unfolded as follows:

  • Since May 1995 he developed pain and redness of the left calf and thigh region which gradually worsened in spite of been on anti-coagulants and started radiating down to his foot; it was then he underwent an angioplasty in July 1997.
  • At present he felt severe burning pain, like sparks of fire over his swollen left ankle which was worsened by walking and overexertion and relieved by pressure of stocking.

The Color Doppler studies done after the angioplasty in July 1997, showed deep vein thrombosis of the left external iliac, posterior tibial and other veins of the left lower limb.

He had some other complaints as follows:

  • For the past 10 years, a degenerative disease of the hip and vertebrae causing him a backache with a pulling sensation on the lt. side and a tingling in the lt. lower limb, at times associated with a swelling over the calves. Pain got worse in the evening and on 1st motion and was better by lying down, hot fomentation, massage and continued motion.
  • Left shoulder pain occurring at least once a month, associated with cramps in the lt. side of the neck which appeared swollen. The movements of the shoulder were painfully restricted and were worse at night, initial motion and better by heat and continued motion.

A chronic smoker and tobacco chewer, to entertain clients in his office as a part of his business, had at least 8-10 cups of tea every day. His appetite was good and he would be irritable if he starved. He craved sweets, cold milk and fried food. He had a clean but fissured tongue. He often had a cold sweat on his palms.

A happy go lucky person then, since his hospitalization, had become irritable. Least noise irritated him and he would shout and scream with anger. A confident man with good memory lately felt a bit worried about the future; he feared his illness getting in the way of his profession. He feared if he would need to be operated again or became bed ridden, then he would lose all his business and would soon be a very poor man.

His past illnesses consisted of Tonsillectomy and jaundice in childhood, others been tinea versicolor, piles, malaria, bronchitis.

In his family father has hypertension, diabetes, and his left leg was operated; Mother has Skin allergies and his wife had an abortion.

On examination his Blood Pressure was 118/78 mm Hg; and he had left leg- pedal oedema, pitting on pressure.

MRI scan of Lumbo-Sacral Spine in February 1996 showed degenerative changes of the lumbar spine with affection of intervetebral discs.

In the very initial part of his treatment, considering his acute atrocious pain in the left leg, he was given Hamamelis followed by higher potency of Hamamelis. After which he could come walking in the clinic for the follow up and long-term treatment. He had brought with him a fresh Color Doppler that showed a residual thrombus in the veins with a few re-canalized flow channels. Later on considering the whole of his case he was prescribed Calcarea fluorica. 5 months later in December 1997 he got rid of all his complaints, and the Doppler studies of May 1998 showed complete re-canalization of the leg veins.

Color Doppler studies-

Before the treatment:

Image1 Image2 Image3
Before Deep Vein Thrombosis Case1 img

After the treatment:

After Deep Vein Thrombosis Case1 img

This, evidence proves how Homoeopathy helped a man to get back on his feet with complete resolution of deep vein thrombosis of his left leg.

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