Homeopathy proved its efficiency in Diabetes Mellitus!
A case of Diabetes Mellitus improved with homeopathy. Also it improved general health of patient.
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Mr. X, 48 years, employed in electricity board, came with history of high blood sugar. He was diagnosed a case of Diabetes mellitus one month back. He had pain in the legs especially in the morning since couple of months. His thirst had increased since last 8-9 months.

Before Homeopathic treatment, his fasting blood glucose levels were quite high. He had history of fall from the stairs 1 and Half years back and got unconscious due to head injury. He was treated with allopathy and had recovered.

His appetite and thirst were normal. He liked sweets but avoids pickles & sauce etc. He had constipation since past 2 months & had to strain. He had to get up 3-4 time for urine at night, which disturbed his sleep. He preferred to lie down on the left side. He perspired profusely in summer. By nature he was a cool, gentle & sweet person. He avoided quarrels & use to tolerate if anybody said him anything. He suppressed his anger.

On considering all his symptoms, he was given Staphisagria . With treatment, his fasting blood glucose level came down considerably. The desire for lying down decreased. Sleep was better, frequency of urine decreased.

So homeopathy improved case of Diabetes Mellitus quickly and effectively.

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