Homeopathy allays the malady of diabetes mellitus brought by mental stressors upon a falsely convicted man.
Mental stressors in a falsely convicted man lead him to the malady of diabetes mellitus. It's then he employs Homeopathy, which allays off the malady.
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Mr. X, 48 years, employed in electricity board, was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus about a month back. Been convinced that modern medicine had little to offer him, he turned to a Homeopath in August 2013 with following presentation:

  • Since couple of months he had pain in the legs, more so in the morning time.
  • For the past 8-9 months his thirst had increased.

When blood sugar levels were tested on advice of a well wisher, the FBS levels were 312 mg/dl less than a month back, followed by 270mg/dl and 316 mg/dl a day prior to consultation.

While been constipated he had increased frequency of urine at night, disturbing his sleep. He dislikes hot weather. Has got a taste for sweets but dislikes pickles and sausages.

On having a conversation with this gentleman, he mentioned of getting wrongly convicted for smuggling opium. He was imprisoned for 3 years, alas the court declared him innocent and he was freed. After which his life normalized soon. If someone says anything to him, he suppresses his anger and tolerates it. He doesn’t retaliate back or get into quarrels, but keeps cool and doesn't say anything.

He sustained a head injury 1 and half years back wherein he recovered well.

His case details on careful examination lead to the prescription Staphysagria. In mere 15 days his blood sugar levels have dropped down to 172 mg/dl. He was then prescribed Staphysagria followed by increased potencies. He improved well at all fronts and his improved blood sugar levels have lowered to normal levels of 109mg/dl by November 2013.

He is pretty active now as Homeopathy allays this malady of diabetes mellitus belayed by mental stressors upon a falsely convicted man.

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