A costive Muslim housewife is finally at ease, as her constant pains of multiple gallstones ceases with homeopathy.
A costive Muslim housewife who is diagnosed with multiple gall stones consults a Homeopath. She is finally at ease as her constant pains cease to perturb her, thanks to Homeopathic medicines.
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A 40 years old Muslim house-wife Mrs. TK, consults a Homeopath for her complaints of multiple gall stone diagnosed 3 years back. She had constant dull aching pain over the upper abdomen & right hypochondrium relieved by bending double.

Few of her other complaints consisted of:

  • Itching of whole body followed by burning getting worse after a bath since 10-12 years.
  • Vertigo since 7 to 8 years.
  • Constipated wherein she would pass hard stools every 2 days.
  • Scanty urine with occasional burning and offensiveness.

She preferred cold in all seasons with burning of palms and soles with sweating. She also complained of leucorrhoea after menses and before taking a bath. She had a craving for salt and milk.

Though she been an irritable lady she was quite dull and slow in her actions.

In the past she had some kind of skin ailments which were treated with ointments. Also many of her family members had skin ailments.

On physical examination she was found to have tenderness in right hypochondrium. And on been investigated her Oral cholecystography showed multiple gall stones, small in size with non functioning gall bladder.

She had pathological findings and on analyzing her case details she was given Cardus mar 200. After about 16 days, there was no abdominal pain but her itching over the whole body had aggravated with dirty greenish tongue and loose stools with lot of urging on immediately rising from the bed. Her presentation demanded a prescription of Natrum sulph 200. Within a week she improved in all aspects of her complaints. Thereafter with regular Homeopathic treatment she had no complaints whatsoever.

This costive Muslim lady is finally at ease as her constant pains of multiple gall stones ceases with Homeopathy.

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