A lady with recurrent Biliary colic is rescued from the reigns of this malady with Homeopathic medicines.
A lady with recurring attacks of Biliary colic fails to respond significantly to conventional medicines. But been under Homeopathic line of treatment, she is rescued from the reigns of her malady of recurrent Biliary colic.
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Mrs. MA 35 years, who had been suffering from recurring attack of biliary colic with jaundice since 4 month was under conventional treatment without relief and its then she visits a Homeopath and gives the following symptoms:

  • She had deep icterus of skin and scleara of eyes.
  • Intermittent acute exacerbation of pains of biliary colic with frequent calls for urination which relieved her pains.
  • Urine was dark yellow in color and she was constipated too.
  • Constant nausea with profuse salivation which is aggravated by vomiting.
  • Headache with pains extending from forehead to occipital region with intense photophobia.

She had intense icterus with some amount of palor. On palpation of abdomen her liver was painfully enlarged. Her tongue was raw and denuded. Her pulse was 76/min and her blood pressure was 130/90mm/hg

She had cold intolerance with diminished appetite and constant nausea. She had constipation with dark yellow coloured urine. Her sleep was disturbed.

On analyzing her case details she was prescribed Lac defloratum 200 and within 10 days she was very much relieved of her pains. In the next 10 days she was much better and her jaundice had also decreased markedly. Thereafter she had no relapses and continued to be in good health.

A rightly selected Homeopathic medicine thus recues this lady from the reigns of recurrent biliary colic.

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