Homeopathy delivered prompt results in Hypothyroidism.
A housewife who was previously active, but due to hypothyroidism turned into lethargic and obese, found relief in homeopathic treatment.
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A middle aged woman came with complain of weight gain, irritability, lethargy. She was always trying to postpone the things and was unable to manage the things properly.

She also had irregular menses, pain in lower extremity and always wanted to lie down in bed. She was diagnosed a case of hypothyroidism.

She had gained considerable weight in short time. She was previously active and very energetic. But now she was irritable and lazy, confused, unable to understand exactly what happened to her. She was feeling bored and lethargic.

Based on her symptoms she was given Thyroidinum . After few follow ups, she felt better. Her general state also improved. Her hormone levels also improved. She was feeling active and had also reduced some weight.

She was very happy with homeopathic treatment; she could now energetically fulfil all her household responsibilities.

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