Homoeopathy relieves Laryngitis in a professional singer
Deep-seated inflammation of larynx created havoc for a professional singer in her career. Recurrences of laryngitis decreased tremendously with homeopathy and eventually she could sing splendidly.
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A 27-year-old- female singer came to us with complaint of recurrent Laryngitis.

She was suffering with laryngitis since childhood but has increased since past two years. Whenever she attempted to sing, high notes produced cough.

Her voice was gradually becoming hoarse and she had a constant sensation of tickling in the throat. On over use of voice she also experienced pain in the throat. She described that during the episodes of the pain, she could barely speak.

The bouts of cough used to be so severe that she had to hold the throat while coughing. She described that once the cough started the paroxysm lasted for about two to three minutes.

The cough was worse in warmth and was better by drinking sips of water and in open air.

Based on her symptoms she was prescribed the Homoeopathic remedy Iodum. She showed considerable improvement by the end of one month.

She was much better by the end of nine months of regular medications.

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