Homoeopathy soothes chronic cough
Recurrent illness disrupted sports life of a young lad. His anxious parents resorted to homeopathic treatment. His cough reduced to a great extent and was able to breathe and play freely.
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A 10-year-old boy came to us with a complaint of recurrent Laryngitis since past three years. His parents described that these complaints had started post a viral infection three years ago and he had never been well since then.

Now, at every change of weather, the boy came up with the symptoms of Laryngitis. In general, his troubles were worse during cold weather.

The boy described that he had a sensation of tickling in the pit of the throat that excited cough. The cough was dry especially during the day and increased at night. He occasionally had spells of copious mucus discharge, which was again worse at night

Inhaling cold air always excited the cough and thus he could not bear to sit in AC rooms. This symptom was better by covering the nose with a napkin.

Rumex Crispus, a homoeopathic remedy was prescribed to him. He was better by the end of two weeks. The cough had reduced by 50% and he was able to sleep comfortably at night.

He was better by the end of 6 months and showed no recurrence of symptoms thereafter.

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