Distressing dismaying cirrhosis of liver in a chronic alcoholic and smoker is allayed by Homeopathic medicines.
A chronic alcoholic and smoker found to be suffering from the condition of Cirrhosis of liver is given Homeopathic medicines; and to his delight he is allayed off the distressing and dismaying condition.
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Mr. MMG, age 30 a chronic alcoholic and heavy smoker, came in for consultation with the following complaints since 1 month:

  • Severe intermittent intolerable abdominal pain, which were temporarily better with allied medicine, but since 8 days he had continuous pain in abdomen.
  • Heaviness with a dragging sensation in right hypochondriac region while walking
  • Frequent urging for stool which was scanty with lot of mucus; and yellow colored urine.
  • Tenesmus before and after stool which was more in evening, after eating or drinking and after intake of fatty food and relieved from lying on right side.

On physical examination he was found to have yellow discoloration of skin with slight pallor, while his pulse was 86/min and blood pressure was 130/90mm hg. On palpation of abdomen, there was severe tenderness in the right hypochondrium evident by his much distressed expression on face even on just touching the part. More so his garments got tightened on sitting erect causing distress at umbilical region. Investigations revealed cirrhosis of liver.

His appetite and thirst was low, and he disliked fatty food. He disliked cold weather. He had not slept for the last 15 days owing to his abdominal pains.

By nature he was of a mild nature, but in his illness he had become very restless and was weak too. He had a distressed looking face owing to his severe abdominal pains.

His extensive case details on analysis lead to the prescription of Ptelia 30, after which he could at least sleep in the next 5 days. Within a fortnight of regular treatment he showed gradual improvement in his abdominal tenderness and distressed expression. In the next 10 days he was much better as his urging for stool and abdominal tenesmus had reduced and he felt fresh.

We witness in this case how a dismaying condition of cirrhosis of liver in a chronic alcoholic and smoker with distressed state of mind is allayed by Homeopathic medicines

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