Homoeopathy controls Meniere's disease!
35 year-old was suffering since eight years from Menieres disease. Conventional treatment was not benefiting, he consulted us and experienced long-lasting relief with Homeopathy.
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A 35-year-old male patient came to us for the treatment of Meniere's disease, which he had since the past eight years. He had been on allopathic medications for the same but since past three months; those medicines had stopped affecting him.

He said that the episodes used to start all of a sudden and used to last for a short duration and end abruptly.

His principal symptoms were headache that was severe with vertigo. The pain was associated with fullness especially over the forehead.

The headache was worse on lying down on the right side, by least touch, jar and motion.

In general, there was sensitiveness to nose, light and talking to people during the episode.

He also mentioned that during the attacks, he became very irritable, easily angered and felt like hitting people who were around him.

He was prescribed the Homoeopathic remedy Belladonna. After six months of regular treatment and follow-ups, the intensity and frequency of his complaints had reduced considerably.

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