Homeopathy gives a new life to a boy with tuberculoma of brain
A small town muslim boy had history of seizures for the past 2 years, and was diagnosed with tuberculoma of the brain. He was bought to the OPD for homeopathic treatment, it was then he underwent a healing process to get a new life.
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A 15 yrs old small town Muslim boy came down for homeopathic consultation for his complaints of seizures. He had 4 episodes of seizures in the last 2 years; with frequency of once in 4-5months. On detailed and extensive examination the evolution was unfolded. It all started 2 years back after an attack of eruptive fever, most likely to be measles. The typical seizure lasted for 4-5 minutes and occurred mostly in sleep. Each of the episodes was followed by fever, vomiting and headache which lasted for a day after the episode. The last episode of seizure dated less than a month back.

His birth was normal with normal growth and development and vaccination till date all taken well.

He had craving for mutton. He had offensive sweat on head. His sleep was unrefreshing with salivation in sleep and scary dreams of snakes and scorpions chasing him and biting him. He is extremely scared of snakes and scorpions.

He weighed 42 Kg. and his vitals were within normal range. C.N.S. examination revealed normal findings, with no cerebellar signs.

His CT scan of brain before the treatment revealed a conglomerate ring enhancing lesion in the left frontal region of size 5 x 6 mm, with peri-lesional vasogenic oedema, effacing the adjacent sulci. The disease impression was Tuberculoma.

His process of healing began when he was prescribed Iodoform.

His seizures stopped bothering him right from start of the healing process; and within a year he gained weight too. After 8 months of his treatment he repeated the brain scan.

Brain scan after the treatment showed complete resolution of the tubercular meningioma.

He continued the treatment for 3 more months and then was advised to stop it, as he was going back to his town. Homeopathy has surely given this boy a new life for his better future.

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