Homoeopathy provides effective relief from Nocturnal Enuresis
A five-year-old boy was brought to us with complaints of bedwetting especially during the first sleep at night. Regular Homoeopathic treatment relieved him of his troubles.
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Parents of a five year old brought him to us complaining of bedwetting since childhood especially at night.

He used to have such episodes almost every night and the complaints used to increase during winters.

All his investigations were normal.

His parents added that he used to have involuntary urination especially during the first sleep at night. The parents took extra care that the child empties his bladder completely before sleep; the child still had episodes of bedwetting.

Mentally the child was mild by nature. He was scared of dark and never went to bed alone.

His symptoms pointed towards the Homoeopathic remedy Causticum. His complaints showed gradual reduction and he was completely better by the end of nine months of medication.

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