Homoeopathy relieves Nocturnal Enuresis in a ten year old.
A 10-year-old-boy was brought to us with complaint of bedwetting since past six months. The child showed improvement within a month of Homoeopathic medications.
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A 10-year-old boy was brought to us by his parents. He was suffering from bedwetting since the past six months or so.

They added that he had developed proper bladder control by four years of age and never had such problems.

He started developing these symptoms after his parents changed his school. They said that he was unhappy with his new school and had not adjusted with the new atmosphere.

His mother also mentioned that after waking up from sleep the child complained that he had seen a frightful dream but could not remember to describe it to his parents.

Based upon his symptoms he was prescribed the Homoeopathic remedy Equisetum for his complaints.

The child showed improvement within a month and post three months of medication there was no recurrence of bedwetting.

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