Woman with acute iridocyclitis sees the light of a new day with homeopathy
A woman diagnosed with iridocyclitis of the right eye, had intense photophobia and pain. Homeopathic medicines treated her acute iridocyclitis and then she was able to see the light of a new day clearly.
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25 years old Dr. H.J.C. visited a homeopath with following complaints since 12days-

  • Pain and severe photophobia in the right eye.
  • Blurring of vision.
  • Heaviness and dull pain in the right eye.
  • Her complaint gets worse in bright light and sun while she was comfortable on closing the eyes.

She also had other complaints of-

  • Temporal headaches for the past 3 years worsened before menses and relieved by sleep.
  • Body ache since 2 weeks with pain in both the shoulders on lifting weights.

She has preponderance for sweets as well as spicy food stuffs; prefers tea and hot food; She gets her menses every 1 1/2 months with complaints of headache and weakness before menses; She is intolerant of hot weather; and she is constipated.

Mentally she is quite social and likes company, but a small insult or a single rude behaviour would affect her immensely. She would keep pondering over the event. She is pacified on consolation. Her complaints have made her quite anxious and irritable at present.

Her past illnesses were Typhoid and Chicken pox in childhood; viral conjunctivitis and keratitis of both eyes 2 years back; Acute Gastroenteritis 1 year back.

Family illnesses consist of- Father having hypertension while brother having asthma, eczema and obsessive compulsive disorder.

On examination, both the eyes were congested externally with right eye having signs of iritis.

On reviewing the whole of the case, she was prescribed Bryonia. After about a month she reported with her complaints recovered fully, no photophobia and no pain. Her asymptomatic state went on for months together and she has been away from relapses; the eye surgeon has certified her vision of 6/6 with settled iridocyclitis; thus homoeopathy helped her to see the light of a new day with her healed eyes.

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