Oppositional Defiant Disorder gets controlled with Homoeopathy!
A 7-year-old girl with complaints of excessive anger found relief with Homeopathy. Her parents thanked Welcome Cure for treating their beloved daughter.
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This girl was brought to us by her parents with symptoms of excessive anger and irritability since past two years. She was the only child and was over pampered by everyone in the family.

She got angry on contradiction and did not like listening to 'No' for any of her demands. Initially her parents thought that this would improve and used to fulfill all her demands. However all her symptoms were only increasing with age.

She used to get violent in anger and used to hit and bite people out of anger.

Her mood showed excessive changeability so one moment she used to be happy and jovial the other moment she used to get angry and hit people. This behavior had made things difficult for her in school as well.

Her school performance had deteriorated drastically and she showed reduced concentration in studies as well.

Her symptoms pointed towards the Homeopathic remedy Belladonna. Her symptoms showed considerable improvement over eight months of treatment. Her scholastic performance showed improvement to a great extent.

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