Homeopathy lends a helping hand to an old lady by allaying her long standing suffering of psoriasis
An old lady with long standing grief of lost son was suffering from psoriasis for the last 19 years. Her psoriasis since it started, has extensively affected her skin, with severe intensity of symptoms. She is been into such a pitiful state for a long time with no special aid to her relief. Late but still homeopathy lends a helping hand to this old lady with psoriasis.
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A 78 years old lady visited the clinic with red itching spots all over the body except the face and neck, commencing after her son was diagnosed with cancer of the lung. The symptoms initially began in the feet and later spread upwards with intense itching and burning of the skin. The symptoms get worse in the evening 7-8 pm., in summer, from heat, and wearing synthetic clothes. She is relieved by a cold shower and at night. None of the skin specialist could give her significant aid.

She gets sleep very late- at about 3 am and then sleeps only for 3-4 hours. Her appetite is normal but she is very thirsty. She prefers to drink small sips of water frequently. She likes sweets, spicy food, hot tea and warm food. She prefers the cold weather more.

On exploring more about her personality and her life, it was known that the patient is friendly, extroverted and mingles easily with others. She likes to be the leader, wants to control the people. She is extremely fastidious and is a perfectionist. She is also quite anxious, especially about the health of her children, her grandchildren and about maintaining everything in order. Her greatest grief has been the death of her son but she 'had to be strong' and so did not cry at that time. Since then her skin started throwing up complaints, which increased gradually.

She has had five children- the eldest one is 55 years old. One son died due to cancer of the lung and one daughter has SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus). She has had a hysterectomy in 1980 and has been operated for cataracts in both the eyes. Her elder brother and nieces also have Psoriasis.

Before the treatment:

Before treatement Psoriasis case12 Img1
Before treatement Psoriasis case12 Img2
Before treatement Psoriasis case12 Img3

After the treatment

After treatement Psoriasis case12 Img1
After treatement Psoriasis case12 Img2
After treatement Psoriasis case12 Img3

The patient was given a homeopathic remedy called Ars. Iod.

The patient is still under treatment and is improving steadily with the helping hand offered to her by homeopathy.

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