Psoriasis of 8 Years Standing Successfully Treated with Homeopathy
A middle-aged man suffering from Psoriasis since 8 years was frustrated with unsuccessful treatments. After switching over to Homeopathy, he finally found relief and peace of mind.
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A 47 year-old service man came with chief complaint of Psoriasis since 8 years. He had psoriatic eruptions behind the ear, on hands, feet, knees and back.

His complaints were worse during monsoon and winter season.

By nature, he was a very short-tempered person. He would get angry easily especially if things did not go his way. He was obstinate too which led to fights at home.

He was very much distressed by the severe itching and burning that remained for the entire day.

On the basis of his symptoms, he was given the homeopathic remedy Natrum Muriaticum.

After 2 weeks the patient reported improvement and his burning & itching is markedly reduced.

Thus, this case shows effectiveness of homeopathic medicines in long standing diseases like Psoriasis vulgaris.

Before the Treatment

Before Treatment Psoriasis on Back And Leg
Before Treatment Psoriasis on hand

After the Treatment:

After the treatment Psoriasis On Back And Leg
After Treatment Psoriasis on hand