Homeopathy proved its effectiveness in treatment of Rheumatic joint pains.
Rheumatic pains along with other complaints got relieved rapidly with homeopathic treatment.
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A female patient aged 40 years, came with complaint of pain in all joints since last 15 years.

She had a history of paralysis of right side of body. She also had history of thyroid problem, high blood pressure, asthma. Her cholesterol levels were also high. For all this conditions, she was taking allopathic treatment.

She was married with 3 children. She was an obese patient. Her weight was 90 kilograms. Her appetite was good. Her complaints were better with warm drinks. She had undergone hysterectomy, after tumor was found in her uterus. Her father had severe diabetes mellitus, and had also suffered paralysis.

She was averse to cold environment; it increases her complaints to great extent. She could not stand cold exposure. She used to feel much cold even in summers. Her stool, urine, sleep were normal. She had no other complaints regarding her skin. She had much tension, due to fights with her husband.

Her haemoglobin was 10.8. Her Low density lipid was 175.

Based on all her symptoms, she was given Calcarea Carbonica . After 1 month her pain persisted, though she was feeling better. Her pain was even better. Treatment continued, and she was also given Phytolacca . She started improving and all her pains decreased after regular medications.

She was very impressed with treatment and efficacy of homeopathic medicines.

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