Pulmonary tuberculosis and severe debility was improved effectively with homeopathy
A case of pulmonary tuberculosis not only improved with homeopathy but homeopathy also improved general health of patient.
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A 38 year old man came with complaint of severe weakness. He had vomited blood thrice. Also there was trace of blood in his urine since a month. He was diagnosed a case of pulmonary tuberculosis 2 months back. He was complaining of pain in mid chest, on and off since few months back. He had consumed a lot of anti tuberculosis medicine, but he had not received much relief.

He had lost 19 kilograms weight in last 3 months. He was looking lean and malnourished. He had cough since 3-4 months. Cough was productive of viscid mucus with blood. His cough increased on lying down. He could not sleep at night. It increased after midnight. He also had pain at shoulder area. Cough increased when he consumed cold drink and cold food.

Because of financial problems, he had frequent arguments with his wife. He had fear that one day his wife will leave him. He also felt that he will die soon. He had developed a great fear of death. He was hopeless of cure, so did not want to take medicines.

Also, he had mild fever at most of the nights. He felt better by covering up. There was excessive sweating at night. He had lost all desire to eat. He did not like smell of food. He liked to drink sips of water at frequent intervals. Sleep was disturbed. He used to consume alcohol occasionally.

Chest X-ray showed multiple opacities and cavities at right lung.

Based on his symptoms, he was given homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album and Millefolium.

With subsequent follow up his pain had reduced. Vomiting was occasional. He was eating properly now. But yet, he was very weak. His family life also was better now. He had no blood in cough or urine. Chest X-ray reports were same as before. He had no vomiting. Treatment was continued on same lines.

Homeopathy relieved patient suffering from Pulmonary Koch's. Patient was highly impressed.

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