A sympathetic male bothered by warts on face witnesses how Homeopathy heals those verruciform growths.
A sympathetic man had warts on his face, he opts for Homeopathic medicines. Its then he witnesses how this gentle system of Homeopathy heals those perturbing verruciform growths.
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A 22 years old male patient complained of papular, hyper pigmented eruptions with verruceus surface on left side of face especially over pre-auricular and post- auricular region with itching since 7 months. The itching got worse in heat and on going out in sun. He was diagnosed to have warts.

This lean, thin and dark complexioned young man with dark hair desired salted food and roasted chicken. His appetite was good, while thirst was less.

Family tension since 2 years made him suppress his anger and left him worried about the future. He was quite sympathetic towards others.

There was a past history of accident in which he had injured his ankle 2 months back.

His case details were properly studied to make a prescription of Causticum. As he reported a relief in itching, he was further prescribed Causticum. The case showed progressive improvement and was kept on Causticum, with increasing potencies. Almost all the warts fell of in approximately 1 year time with continued treatment.

A sympathetic male been bothered by warts on face, thus witnesses how this gentle system of Homeopathy heals those verruciform growths.

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