• Bell's Palsy Complications


Bell's Palsy can result in complications like:

  • Ageusia (chronic loss of taste): Temporary loss of taste is common in Bell's Palsy but it can also result in permanent loss of taste.
  • Chronic facial spasm: The face remains in a permanent state of spasm in some people.
  • Eye problems: Corneal infection may result in permanent damage to eye, ulcerations or permanent blindness.
  • Persistent facial weakness: This includes continuing loss of control over facial muscles with difficulty in speech, eating and drinking.
  • Synkinesis: It is a condition where when a part of body is moved it leads to simultaneous movement of other body part. For example, automatic closing of eye on smiling. It occurs mostly during nerve re growth.
  • Crocodile tear syndrome: This is actually due to faulty nerve regeneration resulting in shedding of tears while eating.
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