Homeopathy saved a child from spending half of his life in bathroom!
A boy with nodular lymphoid hyperplasia of terminal ileum was effectively relieved with homeopathy. He could now enjoy all his favourite food without tension of rushing to toilet after every meal.
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A young boy of 15 years came with complain of gastric origin, he had to rush to toilet after every meal, after eating anything, since 2 to 3 years. it increased by eating outside spicy and oily food. but there was no pain or burning in abdomen. this was the only information given by the patient on first visit. he has consulted gastroenterologist, and colonoscopy & biopsy was done. tests revealed nodular lymphoid hyperplasia of terminal ileum.

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Image before treatment.

He initially thought it was because of having spicy or outside food but then he realised that it was a continuous feature, even simple home meal food troubling him. he was in 10th standard. parent thought that tension of studies and hectic schedule of tuition was creating anxiety but even after exams it continued.

Boy was of medium built, fair complexion. he was youngest in family and was pampered. he was fond of all junk & spicy food and was careless by nature. though otherwise active with good maturity and understanding, he wanted to get rid of his problem because doctor stopped all his favourite food.

There was strong family history of allergy and also patient's diagnosis was suggestive of allergic phenomenon.

So on the basis of gastric symptom nux vomica was given. also he was advised not to take oily, heavy food, bread, pizza and all food containing yeast, milk. with treatment on same lines, he was improved and visit to toilet reduced to half. ignatia was given. patient felt well, digestion improved, started having occasional outside food.

Soon he switched over to regular diet and started taking all food without trouble. he and his family were very happy since now he could lead a normal life.

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