A Difficult Case of Allergic Bronchitis Successfully Treated with Homeopathy
A 60 year old female suffering with Allergic Bronchitis consulted us. She was on inhalers and nebulisation since 7 years with steroid medications to alleviate her complaints. After starting with homoeopathic treatment, she did not need the aforementioned medications anymore.
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A 60 year old lady was suffering from congestion of chest and wheezing. Her complaints increased while walking or while talking on phone with someone. Her lips also turned dry at night.

She had a dry cough and was immensely troubled by cold climates. At onset of winters, she would develop cough with phlegm which converted into an acute attack of Bronchitis. She was allergic to Aggarbati (incense sticks) and on cooking.

On the basis of her symptoms, she was prescribed the homeopathic remedy Drosera.

Soon after, her complaints of cold, cough and wheezing began to reduce. Patient steadily started feeling better, and she was weaned off the inhalers, nebulization and steroids slowly.

Her treatment continued for about 4 years and the patient is free from her symptoms now.