A young lad with subcutaneous emphysema of neck and chest evades the surgical knife and witnesses the healing power of homeopathy
A young lad with asthmatic bronchitis suddenly develops subcutaneous emphysema of the neck and the chest. He was all prepared to face the surgical knife for his relief, but evades it and yet finds relief with healing power of Homeopathy.
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Mr. M. J., 18years lad, a known case of Asthmatic Bronchitis was under homeopathic treatment since Jan 1989 for his 4 years old complaints of recurrent cough and wheezing. In February 1989 He came down with following complaints:

  • Gradually increasing breathlessness since 2 days, with sudden pain in the right side of the chest.
  • The chest pain was worse coughing, inspiration and lying on back; and was relieved by pressure, supporting the chest and lying on the abdomen.
  • He also had pain on the right side of the face, neck and right ear increases by slightest movement or swallowing
  • He had severe weakness and he collapsed in the clinic.

He was actually appearing for his higher secondary examinations and had not eaten for the past 3 days, partly due to his anxiety and partly due to the breathlessness.

On examination, his pulse was 100/ min; Respiratory rate was 28/ min. And B.P. was 110/70 mm Hg.

Crepitus was heard on palpation of the neck and upper chest

Rhonchi was heard on auscultation of chest

He was diagnosed with Subcutaneous (surgical) emphysema of the neck and chest due to a ruptured emphysematous bulla of the lung.

His treatment was under the surveillance of an ENT surgeon in a hospital setup, who was present to intervene with tracheostomy in case of emergency. He was given Homeopathic medicine Bryonia . Since he was unable to swallow and in view of his dehydration, he was put on Intra-Venous (IV) Fluids for the first 24 hours. He responded well to the Homeopathic medicines and showed gradual improvement in his condition without any surgical intervention

On 4th day he was perfectly normal

He was given Pyrogen on 7th day for fever with chilliness that was attributed to thrombophlebitis of the forearm veins due to IV Fluids. Hamamelis ointment was prescribed for local application over the inflamed vein, which resolved the inflammation in just 6 hours.

Life of this young lad with subcutaneous emphysema (as a complication of his asthmatic bronchitis) was saved by Homeopathy and he evaded the surgical knife too.

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