A housewife who was 'always tired and low on energy' got her zing back with Homeopathy
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not an easy ailment to deal with. It can make everyday chores seem like an uphill task. Homeopathy offered great relief to this lady who was suffering from it since 5 years.
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This is a case of a 47 year old housewife who had been suffering from excessive fatigue, weakness and tiredness since 4-5 years. Her other complaints were headaches and sleeplessness. After a detailed examination and investigations a physician has diagnosed her with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

It was unbearable for her to do any household work. Even a little amount of physical exertion would bring upon exhaustion.

She was very thin and looked pale. Her face was sunken and sallow as if all the energies had been drained out of her. The patient had become very irritable lately and excessively critical about everything. She would often have mood swings and sometimes even goes into a fit of rage. She had become totally apathetic about her family.

After a detailed analysis, she was prescribed China 1M for her extreme exhaustion and fatigue. Within 3 weeks, she and her family reported back with appreciable positive changes. Her physical and mental health had started improving. Every 3 weeks she would report back with further improvement. It's been 3 months and she is a lot more energetic now. She even started exercising without any difficulties. Within a year of Homeopathic treatment, Chronic Fatigue was tossed away and she found her zest back!

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