Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as Asthma treated holistically with Homeopathy
Extreme fatigue, muscular pains, sore-feeling all over her body with extreme debility tackled with Homeopathy! Chronic fatigue syndrome cured holistically with Homeopathy!
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This is a case of a 40 year old engineer, who was working as a manager in a private firm. This lady had come with chief complaints of extreme fatigue, muscular pains, sore-feeling all over her body and debility. To add on to her predicament, she also suffered from Asthma since 10 years, for which she was on steroids, bronchodilators, inhalers etc. Her pulmonologist did not address her unexplained exhaustion and referred her to another physician for her chronic fatigue.

She had to be present at her office due to her responsibilities. So by the end of the day, she was exasperated and so exhausted that she did not like to even talk to her own children and husband. On further probing, it was observed that she was very money-minded, which is why she wouldn't take many leaves.

She was given Calc Carb for a month and was called for a follow up later. She was surprised to experience the miraculous effects of homeopathy on her health, and she was feeling a lot more fresher and energetic than before. After 3 months of homeopathy, we even managed to convince her to reduce her doses of steroids and bronchodilators. Her asthma was also improving simultaneously.

This is a perfect example of how homeopathic treatment is holistic. It does not address only a particular problem or condition, but caters to the whole as individual, both physically and mentally.

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