Angry, young man gets relief from Crohn's disease with Homeopathy
Colicky abdominal pains and loose stools cured with small, sweet pills in this young man who had been diagnosed with Crohn's disease.
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A 29 year old male had been diagnosed with Crohn's disease. His main complaints were colicky abdominal pains which would increase early in the morning with intense urgency to pass stools. He had a history of constipation many years back and had been using a lot of purgatives for the same. Sometimes he passed a lot of mucus in his stools. He has a habit of smoking 5-6 times a day and occasionally drinking as well.

He had a small transportation business and he managed it well. He was very ambitious. He would get irritated very easily and get into fights with cursing and bad-mouthing.

He was prescribed Nux Vomica. He came after a month of taking the medicines and reported that he had felt much better since then. His motions were getting back to normal and he did not suffer from abdominal pain as much as before. He continued taking treatment for about a year and had remarkable improvement in his health. Homeopathy helped him manage Crohn's disease naturally.

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