42 year old lady freed from fibroadenoma with holistic homeopathy!
Middle aged lady suffered from sore, painful breasts with a lump in the left one. She approached us for homeopathy and was recovered in 10-11 months
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A 42 year old lady had noticed a small lump in her left breast 5 months ago. The breast was sore, hard and painful to touch. She was diagnosed with fibroadenoma after a mammogram was done. Her complaints of pain in breast and hardness would increase before and during menstruation.

Menses were delayed, scanty and of short duration. Her physical generals like appetite, thirst, eliminations and sleep were normal. Mentally, she had become very indolent and indifferent regarding her daily chores. Her memory was weak, and she could not do much mental work as it would exert her a lot.

After a thorough analysis, she was prescribed Conium for 15 days. After 4 weeks, she came back reporting that the size of the lump had slightly reduced. She got her menses normally and did not experience any major pain in the breast. After persistent homeopathy for 10 months, the lump was not palpable anymore.

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