Homeopathic treatment at welcomecure prevents this lady from going under the knife for fibroadenoma!
Multiple small lumps in both the breasts were the main complaints of this 37 year old. Instead of going under surgery for which she was advised, she chose homeopathic treatment.
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A thin, lean lady aged 37 years had come for homeopathic treatment for her fibroadenoma of both breasts since 2 years. She had tried many medicines, but did not get any relief. Her main complaints were hard, tender breasts and palpable lumps, 2 in right breast and 1 in the left one. Cancer was ruled out. She was advised surgery, but instead she considered to give homeopathy a try.

Her other problem was that she did not gain enough weight despite eating well. Mentally, the patient was always anxious and restless and could not keep still. Sitting still would increase her anxiety.

Based on the physical and mental symptoms, homeopathic remedy Iodum was selected and given. Within a month of homeopathic treatment, one of the lumps in the right breast had completely resolved and the other one had reduced in size. She started gaining weight and felt much relaxed mentally. Both breast lumps had almost resolved and it was felt just as a very tiny node. After 6 months, all the lumps had resolved and she was free from fibroadenoma.

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