Glaucoma treated holistically in this 50 year old accountant!
Fluctuating intra-ocular pressure despite regular medications urged this patient to try homeopathy. His intra ocular pressure was brought back to normal with improved vision with the help of homeopathy.
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A 50 year old male accountant, presented with the diagnosis of glaucoma with progressive dimness of vision since 3 years. He was under conventional treatment. His main complaints were deterioration of vision with headaches with dimming of vision, white halos and dark floaters.

He was an extremely anxious person and had a fear of blindness. He was very short tempered and occasionally violent as well. His intraocular pressure had been fluctuating off lately which is why he opted for homeopathic treatment.

Based on his detailed history and analysis, he was prescribed Nit Acid for a month. He was better in general and his vision was improving slightly. Again after a month, his intra ocular pressure was checked which had reduced. Headaches had reduced and the vision was improving even further. Homeopathy thus helped this patient as a whole.

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