Retired school teacher relieved from glaucoma naturally with Homeopathy!
Burning in the eyes, occasional flashes and double vision were some of the symptoms, for which this 61 year old female sought homeopathic treatment with us. She was profoundly relieved with homeopathy.
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A 61 year-old female retired school teacher had mild burning in the eyes after reading for long periods of time or in the afternoons. She also had occasional flashes around the eyes, pain and redness. Double vision was also experienced. She had a sensation that eyes were covered with dust. She reported no problems with driving, watching TV, or reading. She used reading glasses for close work.

Her intra-ocular pressure was raised and she was diagnosed with glaucoma. Patient was very mild, emotional and very talkative. She liked to socialize with her friends and relatives a lot.

She was prescribed Phosphorus after a thorough case analysis. Within a month of treatment her intra ocular pressure had reduced and the symptoms of burning and flashes were also decreased. She continued treatment for another 6 months and had felt much better with homeopathic treatment.

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