Homeopathy treats glaucoma as well as hypertension in this 68 year old male!
Troubled by his blurry vision and pain in the eyes, this 68 year old male opted for homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy not only helped treat his glaucoma but his blood pressure and its symptoms were also controlled well.
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A 68 year old male presented with the chief complaints of black blurry vision. His eyeballs were enlarged due to raised intra ocular pressure and there was severe pressing pain on even slightly moving the eyes. Eyes felt large and pupils were dilated. He also suffered from photophobia.

He was a known case of hypertension and he was undergoing medicines for the same. He was also taking medicines for his glaucoma. He came for homeopathic treatment as he was not responding positively to his existing treatment.

He was prescribed Spigellia and called after 2 weeks. After 15 days, his pain in eyes had reduced. His palpitations were also reduced significantly. He continued treatment for almost 6-7 months and he had felt much better as a whole. His blood pressure as well as intra-ocular pressure was under control.

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