Homeopathy Offers Solace to a Young Mother having Secondary Infertility and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

A young mother in her early 20s with inability to bear children came to seek help with Homoeopathy. She had a history of abortion along with menstrual complaints.

The powerful homoeopathic pills revived her from her sufferings and also helped her conceive naturally giving her the pure joy of becoming a mother again.

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Mrs. R. D, a 21 years old female, married since 1 And half years presented with the following complaints:

  • Polymenorrhea for the last 6-7 months.
  • Abortion in the fourth month of her pregnancy which was followed by dilatation and curettage procedure.
  • The menses were irregular, usually appearing every 15 days, lasting for a day with a scanty flow. The bleeding was like the washings of meat.
  • She also had a thin, watery, profuse, non-irritating leucorrhea about 6-7 days before menses. leucorrhea was always preceded by a body ache.
  • Since the past 6 months she also could not retain the semen after an intercourse.

Ultrasound examination of the pelvis showed minimal free fluid in the pelvis, suggestive of pelvic

inflammatory disease , while her Haemoglobin was 10.1gm/dl

She has been staying in Mumbai for the last 3months with her husband who worked as a driver. She studied till the sixth grade.

She could not tolerate dishonesty and when angered would feel like beating the other person.

She always expressed what she thought and would seldom keep her thoughts to self.

Her appetitereduced in the last 6 months, but her taste in pungent food remained unchanged.

Her sleep was unrefreshing.

After complete analysis of her case details she was prescribed Natrum carb in November 2002.

In the very next month her menses were regular and normal and her leucorrhea was better too.

In Feb 2003, patient followed up with new set of complaints.She complained of nausea at the sight of

food with distension of abdomen, constipation and increased thirst. Her last menstrual cycle was a month back in Jan 2003.

She also had some amount of headache, dizziness and a thin coating on tongue. Her urine pregnancy test came out to be positive. She was prescribed Arsenic for her state, which helped her to some extent. Her persistent nausea from smell of food and eating and lying down was taken careof by Colchicum. She recovered from this state within a month and with couple of doses of Natrum carb ,her further pregnancy was uneventful.

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